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Tale of The Cursin' Parrot
OH, there once was a witch
Who lived 'cross a ditch
An' was filled with hate 'n' anger~
But though livid was she
Still a creature she'd freed
From a cruel 'n' heartless winter~
'Twas a parrot named 'Mal'
Who never donned a scowl
Or set his temper aflame~
Quite an echoer was he
For he'd sing jus' like you 'n' me
An' could mimic jus' the same~
Oh he loved the witch so
But never would she know
For she spent all her time in spells~
She hated the world
'Nuff to make his feathers curl
At the toll of ev'ry bell~
:iconfloweringchaos:FloweringChaos 2 6
Flickering Light
life is a flower
but the flower grows under
a flickering light
:iconfloweringchaos:FloweringChaos 7 5
(NotM) Djor the Caroler...?
Deck the halls with guts of glory,
Ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha.
’Tis the season to get bloody,
Ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha!
    “-Stop, stop!  That’s not how ‘Deck the Halls’ goes!  Ugh, alright.  Let’s try another one…”
Dashing through the snow,
Through a one horse open sleigh,
Over the fields we go,
Slaughter all the way!
Heads are all rolling,
Eyes are bleeding bright
What fun it is to kill and sing
A slaying song tonight!
    “…Really?  Come on… you KNOW those aren’t the lyrics!  Let’s get into the CHRISTMAS spirit!  We’ll try one last one song…”
You better watch out
You better not cry
Better not pout
I’m telling you why
You’re all gonna be bleedin’ toni
:iconfloweringchaos:FloweringChaos 4 23
The Phoenix of Blades
…You run all these tests again and again,
Spilling my blood ’til the white ground it stains,
Wond’ring if I’m able to feel this pain.
You don’t care about the thoughts in my brain;
You just fantasize ’bout what you can gain
And watch me with incredible disdain.
You keep putting me through torture and hell,
Imprisoning me in a scary cell,
Not seeing or caring that I’m not well.
Which of the two is difficult to tell;
You didn’t respond when I cried and fell…
You just mocked me by ringing a damn bell!
One day I had enough of your damn tests,
When you insulted and spat like a pest,
Punching me when you thought I took a rest.
I broke free of my confinements with zest;
Today I would prove that I was the best!
No longer will you trap me in this nest!

I felt a sharp pain everywhere in me…
Lots of blood spilled indiscriminately…
Darkness embraced me for eternity
:iconfloweringchaos:FloweringChaos 4 4
(NotM) A Letter [Meme]
Dear Irish,
I don't really know how to tell you this, but our horoscopes don't match. I think I realized it when I saw the shrunken head and I saw you knock out my best friend. I'm sure you're frostbitten enough to understand that there is no solution to this. I'm returning your false teeth to you, but I'll keep your underwear as a memory. You should also know that I told my psychiatrist about our friendship.
In pain,
:iconfloweringchaos:FloweringChaos 4 12
(NotM) Profile: Djor
Name:  Wolfhound Djör (Pronounced like the word ‘door’, but with a ‘y’ after the ‘d’.)
Age: ????? (Hasn’t been discovered yet.)
Apparent Age: Early 20s.
Birthday: …A what?  What’s a ‘birthday’?  …Oh, I see.  Why is that important?  …Well, I’m not sure when I was born, but I believe I Awakened on August 19.  (Actually, it would’ve been a few weeks earlier since he joined the crew on August 10th… but this is the date we’re going with. Because discontinuity.  XP)
Height: 1.905 m (6’3”)
Species: Mordiis (singular is ‘mordius’)
Powers: Powers?  That depends on what you define a ‘power’ to be.  Everyone has something unique about them.  If you define a ‘power’ as something magical that isn’t something people can
:iconfloweringchaos:FloweringChaos 9 44
(NotM) The Grand Heist
Djör looked out towards the port, observing the target in sight.  It was a fairly nice ship – one much better than he had seen before, anyways.  Not that that was saying much, considering he hadn’t seen many ships in his life.  At least not from what he could remember.  He looked everywhere between himself and the target, wondering about the best way to sneak aboard the ship.
Two of the guards were in a drunken euphoria as Orlando convinced them to have a ‘couple’ of drinks with him, so at least those two wouldn’t be an issue.  Things were a bit different now that the guards had shifted their positions, though, thanks to the information Claire had provided them.  He knew that they’d need to finish this mission tonight, since Irish had told the Captain that they were planning to leave by morning, and Marlena concocted an excellent plan to successfully steal it without anyone being the wiser.  Now it was up to th
:iconfloweringchaos:FloweringChaos 3 20
Mature content
(NotM) The Journey Begins :iconfloweringchaos:FloweringChaos 7 16
Chaos in Bloom: Wolfhound - Chapter 7: AFTERMATH by FloweringChaos
Mature content
Chaos in Bloom: Wolfhound - Chapter 7: AFTERMATH :iconfloweringchaos:FloweringChaos 2 13
Chaos in Bloom: Wolfhound - Chapter 6: CHAOS by FloweringChaos
Mature content
Chaos in Bloom: Wolfhound - Chapter 6: CHAOS :iconfloweringchaos:FloweringChaos 2 2
Chaos in Bloom: Wolfhound - Chapter 5: UPRISING by FloweringChaos
Mature content
Chaos in Bloom: Wolfhound - Chapter 5: UPRISING :iconfloweringchaos:FloweringChaos 2 3
Chaos in Bloom: Wolfhound - Chapter 4.5: 'S' by FloweringChaos
Mature content
Chaos in Bloom: Wolfhound - Chapter 4.5: 'S' :iconfloweringchaos:FloweringChaos 2 7
Chaos in Bloom: Wolfhound - Chapter 4: PLAY TIME by FloweringChaos
Mature content
Chaos in Bloom: Wolfhound - Chapter 4: PLAY TIME :iconfloweringchaos:FloweringChaos 3 8
Chaos in Bloom: Wolfhound - Chapter 3: SERPENTINE by FloweringChaos
Mature content
Chaos in Bloom: Wolfhound - Chapter 3: SERPENTINE :iconfloweringchaos:FloweringChaos 3 9
Chaos in Bloom: Wolfhound - Chapter 2: FIRST BLOOD by FloweringChaos
Mature content
Chaos in Bloom: Wolfhound - Chapter 2: FIRST BLOOD :iconfloweringchaos:FloweringChaos 3 6
Chaos in Bloom: Wolfhound - Chapter 1: AWAKEN by FloweringChaos
Mature content
Chaos in Bloom: Wolfhound - Chapter 1: AWAKEN :iconfloweringchaos:FloweringChaos 4 4

Random Favourites

The Left Path
Search upon a moonless night
The bootlegged heart.
Created from sludge
Tossed into the swamp.
Find within the cage
Perched upon the mountain.
A withered soul awaits
Eroded by the frost.
In the pit of the beast
Find the onyx pendant.
Rigid as steel,
Black as shadows.
On the eerie surface
Of a crimson lake.
Reach into the brink
To take a drink.
The heart is dark.
The soul is dead.
The pendant stark.
The lake mad.
Make dark decisions
With no emotion.
Be rougher than those
Whose sanity remains.
The darkness is bleak,
But chosen often.
A calling to the desperate ,
An opportune reckoning.
:iconrussianbear09:Russianbear09 3 3
Pushing yourself to death
Doesn't help you live.
Adrenaline pushes life.
But not towards death.
Run to the grave
If you start hard.
You'll pave the way
Only a yard.
Walk a mile
Push on through.
Keep living
For me and you.
:iconrussianbear09:Russianbear09 5 2
Mature content
Peaceful Rest :iconrussianbear09:Russianbear09 4 15
Seeing Through The Shadows
A heavy hearted lullaby
A siren's song in the night.
Be weary of the dark sea.
Hold a flame to your eyes
Perceive the dwindling light.
All you have left is me.
Caution of the ferryman
He'll guide you to your doom.
Lurking in wait for you.
Simply put, I am damned,
Thrown into a vague loom.
Sating death so shrewd.
I understand it is dark.
Just listen to your heart.
The keeper shall be waiting.
So when you feel stark
Please follow your heart.
It'll lead you to the city
Made of golden light.
:iconrussianbear09:Russianbear09 10 5
First Impression Aleksei by lunadomo First Impression Aleksei :iconlunadomo:lunadomo 8 11 Control: Renamed by lunadomo Control: Renamed :iconlunadomo:lunadomo 7 11 Raid Party by drachenmagier Raid Party :icondrachenmagier:drachenmagier 637 84 The Chrome Trooper by FonteArt The Chrome Trooper :iconfonteart:FonteArt 800 32 Mocha Sheet by lunadomo Mocha Sheet :iconlunadomo:lunadomo 7 12
Mirrored Pain and miscommunications
There are times when i cant ever seem to understand
I wish that i could turn back time
You were so beautiful, i wanted to be your everything
I didn't recognize my crime
Things got bad
stuff began to change
Bitter words like poison in our vein
I can only say
That even with your venom in my brain
You remained the beautiful girl of my memory
You fought to go
I fought to stay
Different outcomes to the same old pain
I didnt know chose not to see
You were suffering the same as me
Then you were gone
The doubt set in
How could she ever see
Something good inside of me?
In that place they beat you with your faults
They refine you wiht your failure
But you were my happy thought
And With it I could stand against Her
But how the others mocked
When my soap bubble happy dreams were popped
You fought to leave
I fought to stay
The bond of ours began to fray
I wish that you had let me in
But the way i treated you, a sin...
In anger and fear i lashed out
The love i still felt infected by doubt.
:iconworld-weary-angel:World-Weary-Angel 4 2
Inside I SCREAM!
Everyday is exactly the same
I lay in bed and wish them all away!
How can i explain that there is nothing left in me
The frusteration keeps building till i feel like i'll Explode
Do I mean so little?
Are you really so blind?
My head is underwater and im starting to fade
Why is it alway I,
Giving from myself that you might be healed
But when i am drowning you cannot seem to notice
Dont bother to shed, a tear?
Why are you just sitting there
With a smirk upon your face
Telling me how great you are
While i sit here in disgrace
The end is swiftly coming from inside
when the all of the emotions fade
and all i feel is empty pain
Inside I scream
:iconworld-weary-angel:World-Weary-Angel 4 2
For a friend 2
I hear your song in the wind
a levely melody my friend
I was stuck here all alone
a miserable heart made uot of stone
My lonliness and solitude
Were all ended when i met you
Though i wish we'd met in a different way
I can honestly say
you have brightnened up my life
Your inner strength
your deep resolve
your love of others most of all
Make you someone special to me
make you beautiful hope you see
I dont know what i would do
If by unlucky fate i ever lost you
I wrote his poem just to say
How much you mean to me today
:iconworld-weary-angel:World-Weary-Angel 1 0
Stop gap Poem
E is for Excellent accelling so far
M is for magnificent know that you are
I is for intelligent your is is a treasure
L is for loving beyond any measure"
Y is for young the whole world ahead
Min Min your a special freind
words cant really comprehend
The distnace isnt all that far
To see how you bright you really are
When i tried to penn this verse"
No matter how much i rehhearsed
It doesnt match up to what your worth
so this is a stopgap poem XD
:iconworld-weary-angel:World-Weary-Angel 2 0
I am venomous
My acidic tongue lashing out
creating space between you and me
Farther away, further inside
My garden of thorns and brambles,
Dead trees cloak the sun of your smile
And leave me alone in my disgrace
I desperately reach out for you
longing to hold you close
To scream my love, to show the world
But my touch is toxic
The slightest glancing brush would leave just another corpse
one more memory of yet another failed love...
I want to love you deeply but i know you'll run away
You will sprint as fast as you can
because my love is fatally flawed...
You will seek a spot where i can never find
I hold in contempt my feelings
for how could I expect
that you'd willingly ingest  my noxious love
In the hope you'd be immune
To my corrosive care
So run like all the others
embrace your amnesia
Dont dare to remember
my acidic adoration
Or the garden of Roses you wished into bloom
withing my cold and empty heart
I will sit within the maze of brambles and thorns
waiting desperately for
:iconworld-weary-angel:World-Weary-Angel 3 2
Showing of Great Fondness
Showing of Great Fondness
Many greet you and many mourn you,
But so few are spared over your existence
That they might as well not exist at all.
Those lucky enough to receive tell tales of wonder;
Of smells perfume enough to hide the greatest stink of humanity,
Of colours bright enough to hide the dullest mind.
Those who don’t receive mourn silently…
‘Why not me’ they wonder in bitterness and internal argumentativeness.
‘Why not me’ they proclaim to their inner soul’s mate.
Many greet you and many mourn your passing,
But to receive during life is the best blessing of all
And a showing of great fondness.
:iconmagicaljoey:MagicalJoey 5 6
NaPo #30
Spell Check
I can’t spell for shit,
Except when spell check helps me.
But then eye halve two get my grammar write,
Or else I look odd.
:iconmagicaljoey:MagicalJoey 3 6


Aisuru (Hunter)
United States
"How can you truly know salvation without first experiencing damnation?"


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Ahoy, everyone! :wave:

I typically don't like to be the type to beg... and really, I'm not. I'm planning on hosting some contests/reward systems in the future, however, but unfortunately I don't really have money to make the rewards... grand. The reason the goal is set to "1,000,000,000" is because that's the max amount you can put, but there really is no goal - it's simply however much you're willing to gift. So, if you wish to donate some points for these future contests, then please, by all means, do so! All points donated here shall be used solely for the purpose of rewarding others, whether it's by contests, reward systems, or any other event myself or someone else comes up with. I will NOT be using them for personal purposes.

"Give unto me, and I shall give it back to the community."

Thank you in advance! Every single point is greatly appreciated!
- Aisuru

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